How to start: Project submission

The project must be submitted for review only when the technical integration of the settlement system has been carried out. Test payments can also be made if the project has not yet been approved.
  1. Before submitting the project, make sure that the project description contains all the necessary information (name, description, delivery and return policy) in the project settings.
  2. The project description should be in all available languages on your website. You can add description in a new language by clicking on Add a description in another language.
  3. Make sure your website has the following information:
    • Legal details of the company – Name, reg. Number, address, telephone, e-mail. It is desirable to indicate this information in the footer of each page.
    • General terms, delivery terms, return policy (distance contract) and privacy policy (disclaimer). It is desirable to link to these rules in the footer of each page.
  4. Submit the project.
  5. Once the project is approved, you will receive an email notification. If the project is not approved, you will be informed with e-mail containing all necessary improvements.  Submit the project after updating the missing data again by clicking on the button Save comments and submit for review.
Payment cards can only be activated after the approval of the project and they must be activated individually. Information about activating card payments is available here.