How to start: Corporate account

All Coporate accounts have an IBAN and can be used just like any bank account.  Received payments also will be deposited to this account.
    1. On the sidebar menu go to Settings > General settings. Find Corporate account and press change.
  1. If the company is registered in Lithuania, you need to provide the company code and click the Check button. The system will contact the Business Registry database to verify the right to represent the business and automatically open the company account. If this fails, contact the Customer Service Department
  2. If the company is registered in another country, submit the required documents and we will open an account for your company. You need to provide the company registration document and a document confirming the appointment of a head of the company where the name of the head of the company must be indicated. In order to submit the documents, click a cogwheel in the upper menu bar and select My documents.